Nutrition Consultation

Stimulating foods create craving in the mind which blocks our ability to experience objective reality. Healthy foods purify the body as they nourish and facilitate adaptation environmental stresses. In a consultation, we custom design a program to meet your nutritional goals.

For a practice to succeed it must nourish the whole being. Mind, emotion and subtle energetics all are components of the experience we call Joy and or Health. Nutrition is a multi-dimensional process whereby we take in and integrate the world around us. Far from being limited to food, nutrition is a relationship with the world which by we grow from those physical, informational, emotional and energetic frequencies that we take in. Proper nutrition has always been part of Yoga practice. What, we eat, what time we eat can make a difference in our ability to tap into subtle energy, and be in awareness. We have been eating living foods since 2001 and through this have developed awareness of how foods, herbs and medicines affect body, mind, emotions and subtle aspects.

Where ever you are at on your journey taking the time to mindfully engage with the nourishment we take in can be of great value.

To schedule an individual nutrition consultation email Initial sessions are $125. Follow-up appointments $60 per hour.