Nature’s Intelligence

At one time medicinal plants and foods were a part of daily life. We each knew the advantages and properties that the wild plants and foods around us bestowed. In this modern time of disconnect from our natural food source, however, herbalism is systematized method of receiving the nutritional and medicinal elements that our bodies need to be fully healthy.

Matthew is an expert on nutritional use of plant medicines and herbs. Through 13 years of living foods, combined with ongoing yoga practice Matthew developed a keen awareness of body systems how the body is affected by medicines and toxins. His remedies are prepared from local wild plants and custom made to suit each clients individual constitution. He diagnosis through an interview process, tongue analysis and pulse testing. His remedies treat the body not the disease and work to activate the body’s ability to heal itself. Herbalism is a vital component of radiant health and herbs can be used to nourish deep deficiencies and potentate body systems. Matthew takes a nutritional approach to herbalism with the view that herbs are really “foods” which the the body “needs” just like the body needs macronutrients. Within the context of Yoga practice Matthew uses herbs to activate higher brain function, regenerate the nervous system, maintain musculoskeletal integrity and facilitate release of malevolent holding patterns among other things.

To schedule a herbalism consultation email matt@radiantlifeyoga.com. Initial sessions are $125. Follow-up appointments $60 per hour.