North Minneapolis Donation Studio

1722 James Ave N Minneapolis MN 55411 (612)-990-four one five zero

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Donation Yoga in North Minneapolis

We believe that if you want to impact the world you need to empower others to have as much impact as you would like to see.  Teaching Yoga, connection to unconditional being, is a powerful activism, because it prepares the practitioner to face anything.

We are a completely VOLUNTEER organization committed to empowering our community.

Yoga by many names has always been a part of Healthy communities

Yoga has had many names in many places.  It can be recognized as practices which connect people to their deepest heart, and empower people to act fearlessly regardless of outcome.

When mastered, these practices dissolve all obstacles. Short term side effects of practice include : reduced stress, injury prevention, increased will power and a larger perspective on life.

As many of us have discovered, the experiential lessons learned on the mat help us to adapt to and deal more effectively with life. These practices empower and awaken.

We all need this and North Minneapolis is no exception.  This is why we offer a full schedule of classes by donation.

Donation Based Yoga

The northside studio offers daily donation classes, diverse health and wellness programs, and beautiful community which inspires and supports one another. We have classes for adults, children and seniors.  It is a sanctuary from the noise and hustle of everyday life and a place which cultivates self love, self discipline and holistic health through this ancient wisdom tradition. Students pay what they can, or practice for free.

Who Supports Northside Yoga?

Our Studio is entirely supported by donations.  Donations for classes, only cover a small part of our expenses.  The rest of our budget comes from community members and people excited about Yoga as a tool to change lives.

Help Support Northside Yoga

We need your help on this one.  The Northside studio is volunteer run, but there are expenses in keeping the space open to the public.

I you know the power and beauty of Yoga practice, and want to empower others, support this work.

Radiant Life Yoga Foundation is non-profit 501(c)3, so your donations are tax deductible.  Give Here :


Mission Statement

Our Work is to empower individuals to impact their world with their truest heart.  We teach traditional yoga practices which give students access their highest intention and the fearlessness to act from this place in the world.


Reoccurring Monthly Donation

Breathing: $20 per month
Awakening: $50 per month
Serving: $75 per month
Enlightened: $100 per month
Liberated: $200 per month

reoccurring donation allows us the security to expand our programming.  We’ve done some amazing things, but we can do more with your support.