Practice with the Intention of Yoga

We are a Yoga school in Uptown Minneapolis offering daily classes, events and trainings since 2011. We are a community of dedicated yogis, Moms, Dads, Neighbors, Friends of all walks and ways. We humbly share the practice in the best way we know how. We are non-judgmental, Respect is our religion, and all are welcome here.
We have an incredibly talented family of teachers who holds down daily regular practice in a good way. It’s not fitness yoga, but it keeps you fit, body and mind. One of our practices is to offer the merits of our daily practice to all beings. In this way we support one another in taking the time to feel our Being, so that we can be our best in the rest of our lives.
What We Do
Teacher Trainings

Radiant Life Yoga Yoga is a school, which teaches classical systems of remembering the unconditional being which is our true nature. 

Yoga is not a culture of improvement, rather the practice of remembering who you already are in this moment. We utilize the practices of Yoga philosophy, meditation, energetic anatomy, nutrition, detoxification and herbalism to uncover deeper levels of authenticity in the remembering of who we are.

The 11 Pillars of Radiant Life Yoga

The practice is not exercise, nor medicine. The intention is to yoke all aspects to the Supreme.

By acknowledging the teachers in our life, we open up to the Inner teacher, the teacher in all experience, the Guru. When we respect our teachers, we open a relationship within our self. It is very important to honor our teachers and all teachers.

Yoga is distinguished from other energetic practices in that the intention is selfless. Ego and selfishness are obstructions from the awareness of yoga.

Acknowledges the multidimensionality of being human. Body, mind, emotions and subtle aspects are all connected, one affecting the other.

Conscious awareness that through the body you are physically, electrically, economically and in every way connected to the Earth. The Earth supports your weight—the Earth supports your needs. Asana is the practice of embodying who you Are.

Conscious awareness of that you have breath, which is life. The fragility and impermanence of life. Pranayama is conscious awareness of the flow of life force.

Concentration of awareness to a single point. Energetic integrity through awareness of center. Aligning to the intrinsic inwards and upwards directional flow (not necessarily 3 dimensionally).

Intensity, that when offered to the Supreme serves as transformational energy and a purifying force which removes obstacles from our awareness. The fire that animates intention.

An awareness of the divinity in everything, such that any simplification in the form of thought, judgment, preference, desire, etc. becomes a reduction of the joy of  “this.” When we “indulge” in identification with thoughts much energy is spent. Brahmacharya is the practice of not “losing yourself” in the senses and mind.

We have the ability to access a tremendous amount of energy in this instant and we do. Usually this is done unconsciously and our life force drains out in the direction of the mind’s distraction. Transmutation is the conscious decision to turn our available energy towards Highest intention. This can be done through discriminating awareness or by choosing a frequency which points towards the supreme.

Place awareness in proximity to Self. Acknowledge the impermanence of all things. Release the fruits of action. Allow the highest awareness/intention to flow through us. Surrender to the flow. May this practice and this life, in some way, be of service.

Teacher Trainings

Dive deep into the foundations of yoga. Our comprehensive yoga teacher training programs are designed in accordance with the Yoga Alliance 200 & 300-hour certifications. In addition to learning to teach asana and dharma, you will embark on a healing journey of your own—through nutrition, meditation, and self-reflection. Many students enroll with no desire to teach, but want to deepen their knowledge of yoga.

This program emphasizes personal development, expansion of your conscious awareness and discovery of your confident speaking voice. Students in our program graduate with a depth of philosophical knowledge and refined and polished public speaking & teaching skills.
Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Logo
Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Logo
Deepen your personal practice and take your teaching skills to the next level. The 300 hour further deepens study of Hatha and Raja Yoga, and also introduces Tantric practice. Our 300 hour is built on a modular schedule to be flexible to the realities of life. The work we do in this program aims to help you find your authentic voice as a vehicle for the ancient tradition of yoga.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga is a restorative practice that focuses on the joints rather than the muscles. This style of yoga helps your students gain flexibility, release tension and calm the central nervous system. This weekend intensive covers anatomy, hands-on adjustments, intelligent sequencing, philosophy and more. You’ll leave with the confidence and expertise to lead a full 75-minute class.

Hours can be counted towards Continuing Education Credits or towards your 300-Hour Certification.

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