Food has a profound effect on our minds and emotions.

We offer consultations to expand your understanding of the power of using foods and herbs to provide nourishment and healing.

Eating For Vitality

Wherever you are on your journey, taking time to mindfully engage with the food you eat can be of great value.

During your consultation, Matthew will custom design a program to meet your nutritional goals. Far from being limited to food, nutrition is a relationship with the world. It’s from this relationship where we take in physical, informational, emotional and energetic frequencies. Proper nutrition has always been an integral part of Yoga practice. What and when we eat affects every aspect of life and changes our ability to both tap into subtle energy and be in awareness.


The use of plants for health and awareness is as ancient as humans ourself.  Herbalism is a doorway back into this ancestral relationship.

Herbs have always been used in the practice of Yoga. The very plants that grow around us, commonly considered weeds embody complex information on how to thrive. What we call health is the harmony of the internal state of the body with the external environment.  When food and medicine came from our local systems, this expressed effortlessly. Because the domesticated foods of modern life do not thrive, herbs offer a powerful way to reconnect to the intelligence of nature.  

In an Herbalism consultation we pulse test you to find specific herbs to help meet your goals and forge new relationships with the plants.

Herbs are subtle nutrition for the body and mind.

Through living foods and an ongoing yoga practice, Matthew has developed an awareness of  how herbs and plants can plants affects us.  His remedies are prepared from local, wild plants and custom made to suit each client.
A consult may include an interview, tongue analysis and pulse testing.  He does not treat disease, but works to create greater vitality and balance in the body.  Herbalism is a vital component of radiant health and can be used to nourish deep deficiencies in the body systems.
Matthew takes a nutritional approach to herbalism with the view that herbs nourish subtle deficiency. Within the context of Yoga, Matthew uses herbs to activate higher brain function, regenerate the nervous system, maintain musculoskeletal integrity and facilitate  release of malevolent holding patterns.